A character in the West Marches has six stats that represent the natural talents and raw abilities of a character. While stats are rarely checked using just their stats, these attributes effect every aspect of a character's skills and abilities. Each stat ranges from 1 to 5, with characters having 10 points to spend on stats in character generation and being able to raise stats later with experience.


Rating Capability
1 Poor. Unexercised, unpracticed or inept
2 Average. The result of occasional effort or application.
3 Good. Regular practice or effort, or naturally talented.
4 Exceptional. Frequently aplied, tested and honed, or naturally gifted.
5 Outstanding. The peak of normal human capability. Continuously exercised or naturally blessed.


Strength A measure of muscle and physical prowess.
Dexterity A character's agility, balance, and reflexes.
Stamina Represents the health and fortitude of a character.
Intelligence The speed and strength of a character's mind.
Awareness A measure of a character's perception and empathy.
Willpower A character's resolve and dedication.
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