Skills are specialized areas of training or knowledge that a character possesses. A character receives 18 points to spend on skills at character generation and can increase their skills and buy new ones later with experience. Skills can be used untrained but keep half the related stat instead of the full amount.


Rating Capability
0 Untrained.

Skill ListEdit

Administration Int Management of people and organizations
Alchemy Int Distillation of arcane compounds
Ancient Languages Int Knowledge of dead languages
Appraisal Awa Assessing the value of items
Arcana Int Knowledge of magical effects
Acrobatics Dex Feats of agility and balance
Archery Dex Use of missile weapons
Armorer Int Creation of armor
Artillerist Int Use of siege weaponry like catapults and ballista
Athletics Str Swimming, climbing, and other physical feats
Bowyer Int Craft of bows, crossbows, and arrows
Brawling Str Unarmed combat
Brewer Int Distillation of alcohol
Carpentry Int Construction of wooden items and buildings
Cartography Int Creation of maps
Channeling Will Calls upon the powers of the celestial
Cooking Int Preparation of food items
Counterspell Int Canceling magical spells and affects
Demonology Int Knowledge of the Abyssal realms and its denizens
Dodging Dex Avoiding attacks
Driving Dex Use of wagons, carts, and carriages
Empyrealia Int Knowledge of the Celestial realms and its denizens
Engineering Int Design and construction of buildings and siege engines
Farming Int Cultivation of crops
Fishing Awa Catching fish
Flying Dex Use of flying animals or items
Haggling Awa Negotiating prices and terms
Herbalism Int Knowledge of herbs and roots
Hunting Awa Tracking animals and using their parts
Husbandry Int Raising, breeding, and training animals
Investigation Awa Finding information and clues
Jeweler Int Creation of jewelry
Larceny Dex Lockpicking and sleight of hand
Leadership Will Command and authority
Mason Int Construction of stone structures
Medicine Int Treatment of wounds, disease, and other ailments
Navigation Awa Use of observation to find location
Necromancy Int Using dark magic to cast death magic
Observation Awa Spotting details or the hidden
Painting Will Creation of images on a variety of surfaces
Parrying Dex Blocking attacks with a weapon
Research Int Discovering new and forgotten information
Riding Dex Maneuvering a mount
Sailing Int Knowledge and ability to guide a ship
Sculpting Will Carving of forms and images from stone
Shipwright Int Design and construction of sailing vessels
Sorcery Int Casting magical spells
Stealth Dex Avoiding notice in crowds or hiding
Streetwise Awa Finding and interacting with the underworld
Summoning Will Drawing other planar beings into the material plane
Surveying Awa Assessing the resources and features of an area
Survival Awa Use of local resources to subsist in a region
Tactics Int Deployment of military forces in combat
Tailor Int Creation of clothing
Throwing Dex Use of manually launched weapons
Weaponry Dex Hand to hand melee
Weaponsmith Int Creation of arms
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