Attributes are facets of a character derived from their stats that are important to how the character interacts with the world. These are health and energy.


A character's health is represented by eight levels of injury. Each level of injury adds to the difficulty of tests as the character is hindered by their wounds.


The first level of injury, the character is either uninjured or has minor wounds. This level's value is determined by multiplying the character's stamina by 3.


The second level of injury, the character has taken enough damage to suffer some minor hindrance. This level, and all other levels until Out, is determined by multiplying the character's stamina by 2 and the character at this level adds 3 to all difficulties.


The character's wounds are beginning to add up and they take a larger penalty to their actions. The character adds 5 to all difficulties.


A moderate amount of damage has been inflicted on the character and their penalties are starting to become more severe. The character now adds 10 to all difficulties.


A significant amount of damage has been dealt to the character and they are taking significant penalties to their actions. The character is now adding 15 to all difficulties.


Severely wounded and barely functioning, at this level of damage the character will struggle to complete most tasks. The character is adding 20 to all difficulties.


The character is now barely conscious and hardly able to move, even simple tasks will be nearly impossible to complete. The character is now adding 40 to all difficulties.


The character is unconscious and nearly dead. This level is determined by adding stamina and willpower then multiplying by 5. At this level the character cannot move or take actions. If they are wounded past this level then they die


Energy is a representation of a character's endurance and focus, how much they can accomplish or achieve before needing to rest and recover. Exploration, crafting, and magic all use energy to accomplish tasks, making it important for most characters. A character's energy is determined by adding willpower and stamina and multiplying by 5.

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